What is Mad Moms?

Mad Moms is a newsletter for and about those who care. It’s about hysteria, feminism, feelings, and art. It’s about mother-monsters and madwomen in attics, maintenance labor and domestic work. It’s about the demands placed on all of us by capitalism and misogyny. It’s also often about the weird rub of loving kids so hard it hurts, while trying to refuse the violent mythologies of white motherhood and the gendering of care work.

This is a newsletter about, in other words, the stories that shape our understandings of our bodies, ourselves, and our work— and those we circulate among us in service of something better.

You can expect essays and conversations that explore the intersection between cultural narratives and the lived experience of parenting. Recent essays have explored everything from intersectional feminism, women’s work, unpaid reproductive labor, ambition, popular representations of The Mother, and the many conflicting emotional states felt by parents in America. You can also expect timely analysis of books, politics, and popular culture through a feminist lens.

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About Me

I’m a writer, critic, mother, and educator. My essays and criticism have been featured at Slate, Vox, Huffington Post, Believer Mag, Rumpus, Mutha, HTMLGIANT, and Ms.

I have a PhD in literature, and most of my research focuses on feminist theory, political economy, and literary theory. I study representations of domesticity, feminism, assault, consent, and motherhood— representations in literature, film, TV, visual and performance art, political discourse, psychology, and all the other everyday culture we consume.

I also previously worked at a daycare and as a nanny, and I am only able to do the work I do now, both here and elsewhere, because of the many patient caregivers who play with and teach my two kids most days. When I lost that community of care during the pandemic, I started writing more nonfiction about parenting and care work in America, feeling a renewed urgency.

As a writer and educator, I also think a lot about how capitalism has completely warped the way we think about creative labor, and how we can make art in ways that get us outside those limited understandings of what it means to make stuff and come together. You’ll see some of that bubble up here.

I wrote a memoir called TWO MEMOIRS (which I talk about here and here) and some little books of poetry. You can read more about my writing at my website. I’m currently working on a nonfiction book about care and consent. I’m also a writer of fiction and an editor.

I live in California, where I grew up, with my husband and two kids, and I teach writing and lit courses at a few local colleges, was previously a lecturer at California State University East Bay, and teach at Catapult, Corporeal Writing, Hugo House, and other community arts organizations as well.


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